Some words that a lot of people write wrong

Do you use simple language or “difficult speech”?

In this post we will talk about some frequent confusions in speech and, consequently, in the writing of many people. The Portuguese language really is very rich and complex! If even for those who speak well it is easy to make mistakes, how much more should it be for others? And for a foreigner?

The paronyms, that is to say, those words with very similar writing and pronunciation, but with different meanings, are great cause of confusion.

I have seen confusion between paronyms even in the speeches of people considered cultured. An example? The word “demythologize” is often replaced by “demystify”. They have different meanings. Let’s see:

Demystify = undo the mythical character (myth).

Demystify = undo the mystical character (mysticism).

The word “myth” represents the allegorical exposition of an idea, doctrine or philosophical theory [1]. It is often also used figuratively as a rumor ..

The word “mystic” is relative to religious and contemplative life. It has to do with supernatural experience, with the divine, the spiritual.

You may have heard someone say that “the carpet absolved the liquid slowly,” when, in fact, it meant “the carpet absorbed the liquid slowly.” Or perhaps he has already heard a friend tell that a certain politician, passing by his house, “made him a slight length”; in fact he meant that the politician “gave him a little compliment.” There are many paralyzes: traffic / traffic, inflict / infringe, flagrance / fragrance, soar / sweat, distract / detract, defer / defer and various other misconceptions!

  • some words that a lot of people write wrong
  • Entertainment or entertaining?
  • Even in a website address I have already seen the word “entertaining” used! But (remember that!) The word “entertainment” does not exist. There is only entertainment and no paronimo.

The word “entertain” carries in itself a motive that causes many people to err – ends with the letter erre.

Privilege or Privilege?

It is not difficult to hear this word being uttered wrongly … Privilege does not exist. There is only privilege.

It is better to speak in a simple way than to “speak difficult”!
Using difficult words – thinking about knowing their meaning – to show culture and knowledge, can actually expose us to ridicule. We must be alert to such gaffes.

Simple and coherent language always has more effect than the unintelligible culture. And when you find it necessary to show your knowledge use words about which you are sure about pronunciation and meaning.

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