Any ideas embarrassed?

Proofreader in them!

We found that most people interested in the textual review service are unaware of the most important aspect of this craft, which is the “clearance” of messages from each text.

They think that just the orthographic and grammatical correction of their writings is ready. Unfortunately, in fact this is not so. If he were, instead of hiring a professional reviewer, it would be enough if he asked any “good grammar friend” to do that job.

A lot of people know the grammar well, but (beware!) The same is not true of the job of revising texts.

Any ideas embarrassed?

From time to time we feel difficulty when we want to express something through writing or speaking, even when everything is grammatically correct. The true value of the text is in your message; the writing techniques and the textualization itself represent the channel through which the message is transmitted.

Therefore, revising texts is a complex task that goes beyond the observance of writing techniques.

Similarly, the message stands for the text just as the supermarket goods are for the gondolas. What really matters in a supermarket is not the beauty and the characteristics of the gondolas, but the visibility of the goods they provide. There are types of exposure that make products stand out, others do not. Likewise, there are messages that may be well presented in the “gondolas” of textualization, others not.

Since messages are more important than texts, they serve only as “gondolas” through which we expose our messages, our ideas.

Still in supermarkets we find another analogy to exemplify the role of the reviewer – the supervisor. This one, trained in supervising the work of the exhibitors of goods, closely observes if the products of the supermarket are well presentable and of easy access for the clients.

When the supervisor detects some type of problem in the gondolas, he requests that the exposure be corrected; presents the problems encountered and offers suggestions for better exposures.

During the textual review, we “supervised” each text with two primary questions: “What is the author’s message?” And “Is the message clear?”.

The authority of the writer is preserved

When the supervisor encounters a problem in the supermarket, the exhibitor is obliged to repair it as a subordinate. However (of course!), In revision no; that is, the reviewer only presents the problems encountered and suggests changes, including offering alternative words and / or phrases when possible and necessary. To do this, we use a tool that makes it easier to accept or reject what the reviewer did and suggested.

How to know what has been reviewed?

The author will easily detect each intervention or comment made by the reviewer. For this, we always use a tool called “Change Control”, available in any version of Microsoft Word text editor.

When we get the text from the client, the first thing we do is activate this tool. In this way, when the author opens the revised file he sees clearly every change or comment made. We use the feedback fields to report problems and also, when necessary, to make suggestions for change. In addition to the comments, each character or word that is inserted or deleted in the text will be clearly displayed.

This article was written to clarify, once again, our profession of revising texts. Our team, which has been working for four years, is ready to provide any other information you need regarding this service. Feel free to comment or contact us!

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